Our partners :

Quasi-Stellar Services (QSS)

offers two main streams of services namely Corporate Services and Technical Professional Services. QSS aims to assist its clients to achieve higher productivity and free out excesive manpower to focus on its core business.

QSS is well known in the industry for for its one stop corporate services offering wide spectrum of services including accounting, incorporation, GST, Payroll, employment pass and many others.

A team of Specialist, not just one individual, will work with our client very closely, hand in hand, side by side when our client chooses to set up and manage the existing operation with Quasi-Stellar Services.

The Technical Pressional Service division offers various outsourcing service to Telecommunication and IT vendors. The services include field installation, project management, remote support and IT Network design etc. QSS is also the official reseller for Movius's Voice Mail Solution, Miss Call Notification solution, Second line Identitiy/MyIdentity, Visual Voicemail solution etc to telco operators.

QSS assists clients to focus on their core business and free up personnel, time and facilities which could be better utilised to achieve its main objective in core business..

We are a team with years of experiences in the industry, as a company, we prioritize our clients' Cost Effectiveness, Efficiency and Overal Satisfaction (CEO)...